Real time water flow data is available 24 hours/day from the United States Geological Survey. We have inserted links in the report below for many of the streams and rivers discussed in the fishing report. For additional stations, go to the main real time USGS water flow page .

2002 Spring Trout Stocking Schedule
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Trout Stocking - April 8 to April 12, 2002

All stocking crews report that they are on schedule. All areas listed on the "Week-of Trout Stocking Schedule" for the week of April 7 will be stocked by Friday. That is, all areas with the exception of the lower Gunpowder Falls. Since Loch Raven Reservoir is not spilling over, this river is still too low to stock. Trout were diverted to nearby Little Gunpowder Falls and to Bynum Run Pond (2/day). Bynum Run Pond is a new area located in Harford County just west of Bel Air off of Route 22 by the John Carroll High School. Since Bynum Run Pond is not designated Put & Take the daily creel limit there for trout is 2/day. This week both Friends and Owens Creeks received an in-season stocking of brown trout that were reared at our Lewistown Hatchery in Frederick County. However, these browns didn't grow as fast as we would have liked due to low flows that persisted all winter at this facility. Although these browns are on the small side, averaging 3/pound (8"-10"). They should provide plenty of interesting dryfly action well into the summer months. And last, Town Creek Delayed Harvest Area was stocked on Wednesday with 750 rainbows. The browns we stocked last week in the Daniels area of the Patapsco have been steadily rising to caddis and midges.

Don't forget, #3 Closure go into effect for many streams at 10:00 p.m. Sunday night, April 14 and these streams will open to fishing on Saturday morning, April 20.

The drought continues and stream flows are once again dropping. There will be changes in stocking during the next few weeks if we don't get significant rain soon. So check back each week for up to date trout stocking information as it relates to the drought.

Please update your friends and relatives who don't have access to the Internet or are unaware of this DNR web site. Keep them informed of what's happening with trout stocking. See you next week.

See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt

Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Trout stocking update for March 31 to April 5, 2002 - Weather for the March 30 trout opener was the best I've seen for many years, sunny and reasonable warm. Saturday morning I cruised through both Friends and Owens Creeks in Frederick County stopping to talk to anglers as I went. The catch rate at these two streams seemed to be fairly high and nearly everyone reported catching a satisfying number of trout. I saw at least a dozen trout caught at various locations during the few hours I spent talking to fishermen. Anglers at Frank Bentz Pond reported a very heavy catch rate during the first hour or two of daylight. Stream flows east of Hancock could have been a little higher but for the most part flows were adequate. Flows in far Western Maryland were reported to be on the high side.
The March 30 opener was the official start of our trout fishing season and we have lots of stocking yet to do. A brief glance at the "Week-of Trout Stocking Schedule" will show that once again we've been busy this week stocking lots of trout. All stocking crews report that they are on schedule and all listed areas will be stocked by the end of this week. In Western Maryland, the North Branch Delayed Harvest Area was stocked with 1500 rainbows from a stocking truck that rode the rails. We get very good coverage from the railroad tracks so expect these trout to be spread out into the more remote sections of this highly scenic river. Many of these trout were nice too. Israel Creek south of Hagerstown is low and will get only a partial stocking this week. Farther east, Morgan Run Catch & Return Area was float stocked with 1500 brown trout by members of the Patapsco Valley Trout Unlimited along with members of a local scout troop. The Daniels area of the Patapsco River (2/day) received 1500 rainbows and 1000 browns. The rainbows were stocked throughout while the browns were stocked from just below the Mulch Factory to well below the I-70 bridge. (For directions to the Daniels area see "Trout Stocking Update - Feb. 4 to Feb. 15 in the Freshwater Report section.) Browns are notorious surface feeders and should provide good dryfly action for weeks to come. Bowie Town Center Pond (2/day) was stocked again this week with trout diverted from Hughesville Pond. Plenty of other areas were stocked this week as well; just refer to the Week-of Stocking Schedule for locations.
Don't write-off the opening day areas as already fished out. There should still be enough trout in these streams and ponds to make fishing worthwhile until the next stocking. Use a more stealthful approach than you do for opening day fishing and you should be rewarded. Did anybody catch a trophy trout or hear of one caught?
Just because we had acceptable flows in most streams this past weekend, don't think the drought is over and done with. The April 8 issue of Time Magazine (page 20) has a map of the US showing, in various shades of gray, where the drought is the worst. All of Maryland, accept Garrett County, is right in the middle of one of the driest areas. If we don't get more rain in the next week or two we may need to once again consider diverting trout to more suitable areas. So I'd strongly advise checking here each week for the most recent Trout Stocking Update. I'll keep you informed as to what has or has not been stocked.
Please update your friends and relatives who don't have access to the Internet or are unaware of this DNR web site. Keep them informed of what's happening with trout stocking. See you next week.

See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Trout Stocking, March 25-29, 2002 - Opening Day for all #1 & #2 Closure Areas is March 30. Kick-off is at 5:30am.

The March 30 opener is only days away and considering the prolonged drought we've been in for months, you are probably wondering if your favorite fishing hole has been stocked for opening day. Over the past few weeks we've gotten a couple of good rains, the last occurring Tuesday night. As a result, stream flows and lake levels across the State have improved substantially. Each shower has sent us scrambling back to rethink the trout/drought game plan in an attempt to stock out the greatest number of trout that prevailing flows would permit. I've had to redo this stocking update twice this week just to keep up with the progress of our dedicated team of hatchery managers and stocking crews. They are to be commended for a job well done in stocking out as many trout as they did for opening day in spite of drought conditions.

Lets get right to the trout/drought status report starting from the west. You will be pleasantly surprised. All scheduled stockings of #1 & #2 closure areas in GARRETT, ALLEGANY, and WASHINGTON COUNTIES have been completed (or will be shortly). Yes, even the Allegany streams that were nearly dry 3 weeks ago are now looking good and were stocked this week. In FREDERICK COUNTY, all areas to include Friends, Owens and Middle Creeks were stocked with the exception of Fishing Creek that received only a partial stocking of trout in the lower half. Also, trout were not stocked in Hamburg Pond. All #1 & #2 areas in the REST OF THE STATE east and south of Frederick County were stocked except the lower Gunpowder River below Loch Raven Dam. Also, Severn Run received only a partial stocking at Burns Crossing, New Cut and Dicus Mill Roads. And last, Piney Run in Carroll County was partially stocked in the upper half only. That's it folks! Not bad considering the dire straights we were in only a month ago. After a lot of last minute scrambling our stocking mission was accomplished thanks again to DNR's dedicated team of professional fisheries workers.

In addition, all non-closure areas scheduled for this week (according to the Week-of Trout Stocking Schedule) have been stocked. Taneytown Pond got a heavy stocking this week and should be a good bet in lieu of the opening day streams. Also a good bet is Lake Waterford. This lake received extra trout that had previously been allocated to Severn Run. Bowie Town Center Pond got a small stocking this week as well. Don't forget that last week trout were diverted from the lower Gunpowder to Stansbury Pond in Baltimore County and Bynum Run Pond in Harford County.

Please update your friends and relatives who don't have access to the Internet or are unaware of this DNR web site. Keep them informed of what's happening with trout stocking. Have fun on opening day and take a kid fishing. Maybe they will be one of the lucky few to catch one of the dozens of 3 year old, 3-5 pound, holdovers we stocked at many locations. Let us know if you catch one.

See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Trout Stocking, March 18-22, 2002 - Just SIIINGING in the rain. Just singing in the RAIN. oops. Y'all caught me belting out show tunes again, which I don't usually do. Actually I should have been singing, "Just STOOOOCKING in the rain." because that's what we did all day Wednesday on the Little Patuxent River and other areas in Howard County.

Yes, we finally got rain, not as much as southern Virginia, thank you, but we will take what Mother Nature gives us. Streams responded too. All of them kicked up fairly high but we still have quite a rain deficient to make up. We will see if flows hold until opening day. Maybe more rain will come.

This week, fisheries crews have been very busy stocking trout into the #1 closure streams in preparation for the March 30 opener. Just as a reminder, all #1 streams are closed to all fishing until March 30 and #2 closures start Sunday night, March 24. This spring, all stocking trucks will be loaded with a mix of mostly standard-sized, 10" to 11" rainbow trout to include several net-fulls per tank of 2-year holdovers averaging 14"-15" long. In addition several 3-year old jumbos will go on each truck load. Some of them weigh nearly 4 to 6 pounds!!! These are real nice fish folks; enjoy them.

This week we also stocked the following areas that are open now to immediate fishing (0 Closure Areas). The Little Patuxent River (2/day) got 1500 that were spread out from the Savage Mill upstream well past the falls and from Vollmerhausen Road upstream near the I-95 bridge. Also stocked were Avalon Pond 250 (under16-over65), and Bennett Cerf Pond 350 (2/day). I also did an unscheduled (a.k.a. - "sneak stocking") of 100 trout into Taneytown Pond. Interesting observation - When I arrived at Taneytown Pond, 2 fishermen there had just caught their limit of trout and this pond hadn't been stocked since late January. One caught his trout on a Super-duper and the other was using blue power bait. They both would probably give me heck for snitching. but hey, that's my job. not snitching, but telling you fisherfolks what's catching fish. Also this week we anticipate stocking Stansbury Park Pond and Bynum Run Park Pond. Bynum Run Park Pond is a new area located in Harford County just west of Bel Air off of Route 22 by the John Carroll High School. Since Bynum Run Pond is not designated Put&Take the daily creel limit there for trout is 2/day. Both Stansbury & Bynum Run Ponds are getting trout diverted from the lower Gunpowder that is still way too low to stock.

Now, about the trout/drought game plan. Seems like that no sooner do we get a game plan set up that it rains again and we have to regroup. As it stands now, after Wednesday's rain, all areas east and south of Rt 15 in Frederick County should be stocked for opening day except the lower Gunpowder Falls downstream of Loch Raven Reservoir. There's little hope that Loch Raven will spillover by opening day and that's what we need to have happen before we can stock this river. Lower Gunpowder trout are being diverted to other nearby areas (see above). All areas in Garrett and western Allegany Counties are looking very good and all will be stocked for the opener. However, we are still looking closely at North Jennings Run. It's a very small stream and needs lots of flow to be stockable. That leaves the Catoctin Mountain streams and those in eastern Allegany County. Stream flows now look very promising in these two areas but we need to watch them through the weekend to see how their flows hold up. I'm sure most, if not all, of them will be stocked with a fair number of trout for opening day. I'll keep you posted about stocking in these two regions.

Don't forget to update your friends who don't have access to the Internet or are unaware of this DNR web site. Keep them informed of what's happening with trout stocking. A lot of important, last-minute stocking information will be appear on this site so check back often.

See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Trout Stocking, March 11-15, 2002 - Rain continues to fall across portions of the State but only sporadically and in dribbles and drops. As light as these rain showers have been, we are seeing small improvements in stream flows across the State. If you remember, in earlier stocking updates, I had concerns that some streams may be too low to stock with adult trout. Now, with the slightly improved flows, most of these streams have been upgraded at least to the "partial stocking" list. That's a step in the right direction. However, the #1 closure period is upon us and we can't wait any longer hoping for higher flows. This week we started stocking trout in preparation for the March 30 opener, adjusting numbers as needed to match the prevailing flows. All adjustments to the trout stocking schedule, both numbers and locations, will be listed in the next 2 trout stocking updates leading up to the opener.

Anglers should be aware that the #1 closure is now in effect on most of our P&T (Put-and-Take) trout fishing areas, meaning that they are now closed to all fishing until opening day, March 30.

In addition to stocking several #1 closure streams this week we also stocked trout in a few areas that are open to fishing year round. Trout were stocked in the North Branch at Barnum 2000, at Kitzmiller 1000 and in the Delayed Harvest section located farther upstream in the Potomac State Forest. And last, the Town Creek Delayed Harvest area was also stocked with 1000 trout.

Don't forget to update your friends who don't have access to the Internet or are unaware of the DNR web site. Keep them informed of what's happening with trout stocking. A lot of important, last-minute stocking information will be appear on this site so check back weekly.

See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Trout Stocking, March 4-8, 2002 - We finally got a little rain on Saturday, 1.5" in the Catoctin Mountains and an inch or less elsewhere in the State. Streams came up a little on Sunday and most were looking good. But by Wednesday flows had dropped noticeably, not as low as before the rain, but still uncomfortably low. This was another light week for stocking. We stocked the following areas, all in Western Maryland: North Branch at Gorman 1000, Casselman River Delayed Harvest Area 1000, and North Branch Delayed Harvest Areas 1000.

Fisheries managers met Monday at the State Office Building in Annapolis to work on a game plan for trout stocking as it relates to the drought. I don't intend to provide any details yet because everything can change with one good rain, and we still have a little time left. I'll save the details for later in March as the March 30 open day approaches. But for the time being, I'll list the streams and ponds whose flow or lake level we are watching closely. Some of these areas may get a reduced stocking and some may not get stocked at all. We won't know for sure for some of these streams until a day or two prior to stocking. Starting from the west: All areas in Garrett and Allegany Counties from Evitts Creek west look in good shape with the exception of Georges Run. Flintstone, Town, Fifteen Mile and Sideling Hill Creeks are some of the lowest flowing streams in the State. Areas in Frederick and Washington Counties that are in question include - Israel, Middle, Owens, Fishing, and Friends Creeks, Hamburg and Whiskey Springs Ponds. Farther east both Beaver Run and Piney Run are very low as are Little Falls, Deer Creek , Principio Creek and Northwest Branch. The lower Gunpowder has almost no flow at all and is a clear-cut case for no stocking. Severn Run's flow improved over the weekend but we shall see come stocking day. All other areas not mentioned above should be in acceptable shape to receive their full allotment of trout. But like I say, all this can change if we get 3"-4" of rain. If your favorite opening day stream is listed above than I suggest you check out this site ever week leading up to the opener.

Those of you who regularly view our DNR web site and my weekly trout stocking updates realize that this site is an excellent and speedy way to inform anglers of last minute changes to our trout stocking schedule. However, not everyone has access to the Internet. So please keep your Internet challenged friends abreast of the stocking situation so they are not left out in the cold on opening day.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Trout Stocking, February 25 to 27, 2002 - Still no rain and the record-breaking drought continues unabated. Water levels in streams, lakes and ponds continue to drop. This was a light week for us as we completed the last of our pre-season trout stocking. Note that a few of the areas we stocked were not listed in the pre-season column of the Week-of Trout Stocking Schedule. The following areas where stocked this week: Youghiogheny River at both Friendsville 1500 and Oakland 1500, Woodsboro Pond 500, Urbana Pond 500, Sharpsburg Pond 300 and Brownsville Pond 300. Also, volunteers from the Potomac/Patuxent Chapter of Trout Unlimited helped us float stock the Patuxent River Catch & Return Area with 2100 brown trout and the Middle Patuxent River Delayed Harvest Area with 550 brown trout. Both Hamburg Pond and Whiskey Springs Pond in Frederick County are too low to stock.

By next week we should have a handle on how the drought will affect stocking. Be forewarned it doesn't look good for the Catoctin Mountain streams as well as for the Allegany County streams. Stream flow in these two regions is very low. All riffles, pocket water and most of the pools in these streams are NOT stockable and would NOT hold trout at current flows, even for a couple of days. Only rain will help. Unfortunately, the soil is so dry that even a two-inch rain would do little to improve stream flows. We need four inches or more of rain (or 4 feet of snow!!!) to make a difference. We can only hope. See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Trout Stocking, February 16 to 21, 2002 - Still no rain and none is in sight. We've been fairly busy stocking trout again this week and nearly all the pre-season trout stocking is complete. The following areas were stocked this week: Battie Mixon Pond 1500, Rocky Gap Lake 2500, Jennings Run 1550, Little Patuxent River (2/day) behind the Savage Mill and upstream and downstream of Vollmerhausen Road with 1750 trout, Morgan Run Catch & Return Area 1000, Westminster pond 500, Farm Museum Pond 750, Bennet Cerf Pond 250, and Lake Elkhorn 1250, We also stocked the Patuxent River Catch & Return Area and the Middle Patuxent River Delayed Harvest Area with the assistance of the Potomac/Patuxent Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Due to the drought, this week we stocked additional trout into Blairs Valley Lake 1000, Big Pool 1000 and Greenbrier Lake 1000. See you next week.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

2/14/02 - Trout Stocking Update - Feb. 4 to Feb. 15, 2002 - Freshwater Fisheries stocking crews continue to take advantage of the relatively mild, snow and ice-free weather during the past two weeks (Feb. 4-15) to do some more pre-season trout stocking. During this time trout were stocked in Deep Creek Lake 3000, Jennings Randolph Lake 3000, Lake Needwood 1500, Greenbelt Lake 750, Lake Artemesia 750, Cosca Lake 750, Melwood Pond 500, School House Pond 750, Centennial Lake 1250, Lake Waterford 1250, Tucker Pond 500, Hutchins Pond 500, Calvert Cliffs Pond 250, Bowie Town Center Pond 750 (2/day) and Myrtle Grove Pond 750. Also, both West Virginia and Maryland DNR crews have stocked the North Branch in the Barnum area with a couple thousand trout. In addition, the Lost Land section of the North Branch Delayed Harvest area was stocked with a 1000 rainbows. All these areas are ice-free and open to fishing.

The Daniels area of the Patapsco River (2/day) was stocked on Wednesday, February 13 with a full truckload of 3000 rainbows, some of them were nice too. Nearly the entire river, which forms the boundary between Howard and Baltimore Counties, flows within the Patapsco State Park. There are many points of public access. To get to the Daniels area take Rt29 north off of I-70 and turn right at the first light. Go .7 miles and turn left on Old Frederick Road. Go .6 miles and turn left on Daniels Road, which will lead you to the river. If you stay on Old Frederick Road that too will take you to the river in an area that we stock. We stock from Daniels Dam to well downstream of the I-70 bridge almost to Rt40, making a couple dozen stops to off load trout as we go. There are two long, remote sections on this scenic river that require lengthy walks to access. The first section is below the mulch factory at the Daniels Dam and the other section is located downstream of Old Frederick Road. Fortunately, we can drive the stocking truck into these remote areas along RR tracks or through gated park service roads and do a thorough job of stocking. These 2 areas are well worth the walk and don't forget, the limit for trout in the Daniels area is 2/day and bait is permitted. On warm, sunny days stoneflies have been producing good dry fly action from 11:00 a.m. to mid afternoon.

Hughesville Pond in southern Maryland will not be stocked this year due to excessive growth of algae. If conditions there improve we may try stocking later in the spring. Allens Pond in P.G. County will not be stocked this spring due to construction and pond repairs scheduled for this spring. Instead, trout allocated to Allens Pond will be diverted to Bowie Town Center Pond located behind the Bowie Town Center Mall. The Mall and pond are about a half mile northeast of Allens Pond off of Collington Road (Rt197). Since this pond is not on the list of Put-and-Take areas, the daily limit for trout is 2 per day.

More stocking is on tap for next week, weather permitting. Stay tuned to this DNR web site for up to date stocking information. Don't forget your fishing license, it's a new year.

Now for a brief, though very important, heads-up. I'm sure everyone is well aware that we have been in a severe and prolonged drought since early last summer. Stream and spring flows across most of the State are at an all-time low. Several ponds, lakes, and reservoir are equally low and are still dropping. During my 30 year career in coldwater fisheries, I've never seen conditions this dry leading up to the spring trout fishing season. The hardest hit streams are those found in the Catoctin Mountains and the entire section of the State between Clear Spring and Cumberland in the Ridge and Valley Region of Washington and Allegany Counties. Neither of these areas holds their water well. The lower Gunpowder below Loch Raven Dam also is nearly dry. If stream flows don't improve in these areas by stocking time, numbers of trout going to these streams may be reduced. Possibly, in a few extreme cases, stocking may be canceled and the trout diverted to more suitable waters elsewhere. In the next week or two, fisheries staff will stop hoping for rain and start coming up with a game plan to deal with the issue. One thing for sure, we can't hold these fish back. Flow at our Albert Powell Trout Hatchery near Hagerstown is also at an all-time low and this year's crop of adult trout were starting to stress out. The unusually early stock-out of nearly 29,000 adult trout from Powell Hatchery during the past 3 weeks was necessary to stave off disaster. To make matters worse, next year's batch of trout, all 700,000 of them, now about 2" long, are itching to be spread out into the bigger, outside troughs as soon as the adults are stocked out. So the situation dictates that we stock trout. as the saying goes, "Use them or loss them". Be sure to check back during the next two weeks to see what we have decided, in the meantime maybe it'll rain.
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

January Trout Stockings - "Although the calendar says its still wintertime, reality says different. The weather has been beautiful and spring-like the past several days and fishermen have come out of the woodwork from all directions. Our phones at the Albert Powell Trout Hatchery have been jumping off the hook with calls from trout fishermen wondering if we've done any pre-season stocking. (And no. we don't give out stocking information over the phone) We couldn't resist the warm weather either and indeed we have been busy. DNR's Fisheries Service sent out several truck loads of trout during late January to kick-off our early spring "pre-season" trout stocking program. So far, all stocking has been east of Clear Spring. On January 28 to 30, the following areas were stocked with rainbow trout out of the Albert Powell Trout Hatchery: Piney Reservoir 2500, Greenbrier Lake 1500, Blairs Valley Lake 1000, Cunningham Falls Lake 1500 (very low & some ice coverage), and Frank Bentz Pond 250, Tuckahoe at Crouse Mill 1500, Shad Landing Pond 500, Salisbury Park Pond 750, Rainbow Lake 750, Taneytown Pond 500, Big Pool 1000, Antietam Creek 1000, and Wheatley Lake 2000. We've also received many reports from anglers that there are still plenty of trout to be caught in streams from stockings done in the fall and in early December of last year. Most notable are Deer Creek, Gunpowder River around Glencoe Road, the entire Patapsco River especially at Daniels, Little Patuxent River just downstream of the bridge at the Savage Mill, and Antietam Creek in the Devils Backbone Park. Give these places a try the next warm spell. Anticipate covering a lot of water to find trout, don't pass up the deep holes. The Daniels area of the Patapsco has been producing some good dry fly action for modest sized trout during mid-day whenever its warm and sunny. I should have the stocking schedule done in the next week or so and it should be available on the DNR/fisheries web site early in the second week in February. Winter is the time that Mother Nature recharges her ground water supplies with plenty of snow and rain. This recharge keeps our streams and lakes brim full and looking pretty into the summer months. But this is not happening this winter. Streams and springs across most of the State east of Cumberland are at record low flows and have been so for months. If we don't get precipitation real soon, and a lot of it, your favorite fishing hole is not going to be a pretty site come springtime. Already Allens Pond and Hughesville Pond are in question for spring stocking and Cunningham Falls Lake and Prettyboy Reservoir are as low as I have ever seen them for many years. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for rain."
Howard Stinefelt
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist

Casselman River: As of April 2, 2002 the Long Term Median Flow (LTMF) in Grantsville, Maryland is 211 cfs with a flow of 272 cfs and staging at 1.95 feet. Trout have been hitting orange, pink or yellow egg patterns, stoneflies, blue winged olives, and streamers. Spinning tackle such as Mepps, Panther Martins, small Rapalas, or something similar will also catch.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Casselman.

rainbow troutNorth Branch of the Potomac River: As of April 2, 2002, at the Barnum gauging station the LTMF is 879 cfs with a flow of 1,160 cfs and staging at 4.57 feet. This river has not been fishable this past week, but conditions are expected to improve soon. When the flow rate improves midges, nymphs, stoneflies, blue winged olives, and woolly buggers are good options for this time of year. Pictured on the left is a rainbow trout that was caught and released by Greg Smith of Frederick, MD on March 24th at Lost Land Run. Greg caught that trout using a Yozuri Pin Minnow. Whitewater releases are scheduled for April 6&7, April 20&21, May 4&5, and May 18&19, 2002. Call 410-962-7687 for up-to-date water release information.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the North Branch of the Potomac at Barnum.

Savage River: As of April 2, 2002 in Bloomington the LTMF is 108 cfs with a flow of 521 cfs and staging at 2.48 feet. This river is not fishable. Midges, nymphs, stoneflies, and caddis are a few fly options when the River is fishable. Blue quills (#18-20) are expected to start hatching anytime now.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Savage River near Bloomington, MD.

Youghiogheny: As of April 2, 2002 the LTMF near Oakland is 411 cfs with a flow of 844 cfs and staging at 3.67 feet. The LTMF in Friendsville is 885 cfs with a flow of 1,310 cfs and staging at 3.77 feet. These conditions are not ideal for fishing. Stoneflies, #20 midges will be good options when the flow rate drops back into the fishable range.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Youghiogheny near Oakland, MD.

Brown trout with a visual implant tag.  Click for a larger view.Gunpowder River: The River remains at minimum flow and as such anglers need to be careful of spooking trout holding in riffles and deep pools. So much as the shadow from a false cast will send them on their way. A local tackle shop recommends long, slow presentations, role casting as much as possible, and using a long, fine leader. Stoneflies, red butts, cream midges, and blue winged olives are good fly patterns to bring along. As of April 3, 2002 the LTMF at Little Falls at Blue Mount is 85 cfs with a flow of 27 cfs and staging at 0.41 feet.

Brown trout have been tagged with visual implant tags just behind the left eye socket (pictured on the left - click for a larger view). If you catch a tagged brown trout please contact Central Regional Manager, Charlie Gougeon, at 410-442-2080 or via e-mail at with the following information: date and location of the catch, tag number, tag color, kept or released, and any other information you feel is important.

Click for the latest real time stream flow for Little Falls/Blue Mount Road, MD.

Patapsco River: Trout are biting beadhead nymphs, pheasant tail nymphs, and PowerBait.

Potomac River Water Level Guage. Click for a larger view. Potomac River Creel Information. Click for a larger view.

Nontidal Potomac River: As of April 3, 2002 the Potomac River at Williamsport is 4.4 feet, cloudy, and 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Crappies have been biting at the P.E. Dam. Chad Stubbs caught a 1 pound 5.25 ounce crappie using a minnow and Rusty Chaney landed one weighing 1 pound 2.25 ounces on a grub. Catfishing at the P.E. Dam, Dam 4, and Dam 5, to mention just a few places is another option using cut bait. Robert Mitchell of Hagerstown recently landed an 11 pound 1 ounce catfish using cutbait. DNR Biologist, John Mullican, provided the following report. By all accounts, walleye fishing was tough over the weekend. Most anglers that caught walleye only reported one or two. The walleyes have begun to spawn and will quickly disperse following that activity. In addition, the bulk of the adult fish available are the remnants of the large 1997 year-class; walleyes are not as abundant as they were during the last several years. However, the record 2001 year-class is expected to provide outstanding fishing for the next several years. Keep in mind the 20" maximum size limit is in effect through April 15.

Smallmouth bass action has picked up with the warmer temperatures. Under higher water levels look for bass in shoreline eddies and other current breaks. Small spinner baits, crankbaits/jerkbaits and jig/pig combos have been effective.

Boaters must wear a PFD from November 15 through May 15.


Deep Creek Lake (Garrett County): Walleye season is closed from March 1 through April 15th on Deep Creek Lake and Youghiogheny River downstream of the Route 42 Bridge. Catch and release walleye anglers should start fishing in the shallows as the temperature warms up. Docks will be placed in the water soon. Information on whitewater boating releases is available on the Deep Creek Hydro Hotline at (814) 533-8911 or online at URL:

Liberty Reservoir (Carroll County): Liberty Reservoir is down approximately 16.07 feet as of April 2, 2002. Fishing for crappies, white perch, and striped bass is holding steady. Crappies have been biting at Nicodemus Bridge on MiniMites, fathead minnows, and tubes. White perch are being caught along the shoreline in the area around Nicodemus Bridge on worms and chicken liver. Chicken liver and extra large shiners have been catching striped bass above Nicodemus Bridge. A few walleye have been caught around Nicodemus Bridge on medium shiners. Overcast days are a good time to target walleye. Boating is allowed from March 1 to December 31st. Shoreline fishing is allowed year round from sunrise to sunset.

Little Seneca Lake (Montgomery County): Visibility is up to 3 feet in the main lake and less in the creeks. Water temperature is between 47 degrees and 54 degrees. Catch and release bass fishing has been best on warm days in shallow water. Bass have been caught around fallen trees and rocks in 4 to 8 feet using pig and jigs and plastics. Small minnows or jigs fished below a float have hooked crappies up to 9 inches from shore and boats around fallen trees in shallow water.

Loch Raven Reservoir (Baltimore County): Loch Raven is down 6.56 feet as of April 2, 2002. Loch Raven Fishing Center opens this Friday, April 5th. The Fishing Center reports that anglers are catching and releasing bass in the coves. Bass season is closed through June 15th. Crappies are hitting shad darts combined with either minnows or wax worms off the Dulaney Valley Bridge and beneath. Bluegills are being caught from the Dulaney Valley Bridge and all the coves using a shad dart and wax worm. Worms will catch white perch at Warren Road. Anglers are reminded that there is a daily limit of 15 crappies. The same is true for sunfish. Additional freshwater regulation information is available online. Shoreline fishing is allowed year round from sunrise to sunset. The Maryland Geological Survey has a bathymetry map on their website.

Piney Run Park (Carroll County): The 20th Annual Early Bird Fishing Tournament was held this past Saturday. A total of 403 anglers participated in the event catching bluegill, yellow perch, striped bass, and catfish. Many 8 to 10 inch bluegills were caught using small jigs, worms, and wax worms near beaver lodges and other woody structure. The biggest bluegill in the Tournament weighed 0.89 pounds and was 10.25 inches long. Ten to 13 inch yellow perch were caught near the bottom in 15 to 20 feet of water. Bob Morano entered the largest yellow perch of the Tournament weighing 1.34 pounds. Striped bass in the 22 to 26 inch range were caught using chicken liver or live minnows. John Albrecht caught the Tournament winner weighing in at 5.40 pounds. Carl Traemkner caught not only the largest catfish but also the biggest fish of any species entered in the Tournament. His catfish weighed in 6.38 pounds. The Park is open daily for boaters and shore anglers at 6:00 a.m. The next major fishing event at the Park is the Slab Buster Crappie Tournament on April 27th from 6:00 a.m. to noon. A Catfish Rodeo is being held on June 28th from 6:00 p.m. until midnight.

Steve Barber with a bass.Prettyboy Reservoir:Prettyboy is down 30.98 feet as of April 2, 2002. Spider jigs in dark colors are a good bet for bass around islands. Steve Barber caught the bass pictured on the left Sunday, March 30, 2002 walking the shoreline. He used a Gene Larew Pumpkin seed colored "Hoo-Daddy Jr." rigged Carolina style. People with car tops Chris Peloquin with a largemouth bass.will be able to launch with a little effort (a permit is still required). Boating is allowed from March 1 to December 31st. Shoreline fishing is allowed year round from sunrise to sunset.

WSSC Triadelphia and Rocky Gorge Reservoirs: Due to low water entrances at RT. 97, Big Branch, and Pig Tail in Howard County are closed. It is possible to launch a boat at Green Bridge ramp. Bass anglers (catch and release only) have been productive in the upper end of Triadelphia where the water temperature tends to be warmer. Shallow water and lipless crankbaits are the ticket. Pictured on the left is angler Chris Peloquin with a 5 pound 12 ounce largemouth bass. Anglers have been walleye from shore. Crappies are another option.

Eastern Shore Millponds: Small lures are catching crappies. Chain pickerel and largemouth bass (catch and release only) are being caught at the millponds using minnows. Areas with structure are good places to fish. Wondering where these millponds are located? Refer to the 2002 Freshwater Sportfishing Guide on pages 48 to 55.


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