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LAST UPDATED October 06, 2004 NEXT SCHEDULED UPDATE October 13, 2004


Western Region:

Garrett County streams and rivers fortunately were spared from the heavy rains that hit Allegany and central Maryland counties. Area fisheries biologists report stream flows have been very good and the water quality excellent. Biologists from the Mt. Nebo facility recently conducted electro-fishing studies on the North Branch of the Potomac and the Youghiogheny River. Their studies on the North Branch revealed excellent trout populations in the catch & release areas of the river and this beautiful picture of a cutthroat is a wonderful example. The population sampling that was conducted on the Youghiogheny River catch & release section of the river showed equally vibrant populations of trout. This 23.5" hooked jaw brown trout is a beautiful sight. Fisheries biologist Alan Klotz reported that he was able to spend some time on the Youghiogheny fishing recently and noticed some small caddis coming off and large numbers of green aphids falling into the water. Alan guessed that a fly fishermen would have to use a #26 sized fly or smaller to match these little guys.

Fishermen are reporting that the boat traffic is finally starting to lessen on Deep Creek Lake. Fishermen have been catching largemouth bass by skipping plastic worms under floating docks during the day. Spinnerbaits worked deep along weed edges have also been producing largemouth bass action. Smallmouth bass are being found on the surface now during early morning or late evening hours. Surface crankbaits have been doing very well. Tubes and senko worms worked deep during the day have been producing fish also. Walleyes can be found in 10' to 30' of water using night crawlers in worm harnesses. Crankbaits and grubs will also work this time of the year.

Central/Southern Region:

Most reservoirs, lakes, ponds and streams have recovered from the big rains and fishing is much better. Most bodies of water are also starting to show signs of a fall turn over, which will trigger most species to start to feed more aggressively. Fishermen are reporting good fishing for largemouth bass at Liberty Reservoir using crankbaits. Fishermen at Prettyboy Reservoir are catching smallmouth bass on crankbaits, jigs and live crawfish.

Jim Gronaw from Piney Run sent in the following report: Despite the volume of rain from Tropical Storm Jeanne, Piney Run waters remain relatively clear and bass anglers report good success on a variety of plastic worms and spinnerbaits. About this time last year, Piney Run largemouth's went on a crankbait bite in the upper third of the lake and in Dot's Cove. Look for this pattern to develop any day now, as water temperatures begin to cool. Some big bluegill and occasionally nice yellow perch are showing up for anglers trolling or drifting worms in the 10 to 18 foot depths, mostly on the outside edge of the hydrilla. Piney Run's annual "Fall Fishing Tournament" will be held October 9th from 6 am to noon. Cash prizes will be awarded for heaviest largemouth bass, channel catfish, striped bass and tiger musky.

Area trout waters received a bonus stocking of really nice trout recently for fishermen to enjoy. The fall is an excellent time to enjoy trout fishing in uncrowded conditions. Bob Lunsford sent us the following report concerning this bonus stocking of some big trout.

Lake Artemisia 30
Greenbelt Lake 20
Lake Waterford 22
Hutchins Pond 12
Cosca Lake 25
Myrtle Grove (main pond) 27
Wheatley Lake 30
Deer Creek (between Cherry Hill Rd. and the intersection of St. Clair Bridge Rd. and Holy Cross Rd) 50
Patapsco River @ Marriottsville Rd. (upstream and downstream) 31
Patapsco River @ Daniels Dam 16
Patapsco River @ Old Frederick Rd. downstream to Rt. 70 54
Patapsco River @ Avalon 49
Greenbriar Lake 50
Rainbow Lake 50
Antietam Creek @ Devils Backbone Park 50
Cunningham Fall Lake 50
Big Elk Creek 40

Total trout stocked ( 594) included large rainbow trout (3 - 5 lbs each) acquired from White Sulphur Springs Hatchery, West Virginia. All trout were given to MD free of charge. We provided staff and transportation to pick up fish and stock into area waters in MD. The largest of the fish were brood stock. Generally the fish were in very good condition. The stocking date (09/28/04) preceded the annual fall trout stocking. All rivers were experiencing very high (rising) discharges resulting from heavy rain delivered from the remnants of hurricane "Jeanne" that moved up the east coast from Florida.

The upper Potomac is starting to calm down from recent flood conditions and good fishing should be expected this weekend for smallmouth and largemouth bass along with walleye and muskies. The lower Potomac below the Woodrow Wilson Bridge has begun to recover from flooding conditions and bass fishermen are finding fish near the Spoils area and Smoot Bay. Mattawoman Creek continues to produce largemouth bass for fishermen using small crankbaits along grass edges.

Eastern Region:

Largemouth bass fishermen report good fishing opportunities in the Georgetown area above Route 213. Spinnerbaits worked along sunken wood, rocks and wharfs on an ebb tide have been producing nice fish. Fishermen on the Chester River are reporting good largemouth bass fishing from Chestertown to Crumpton. Main points and wharfs along the river are good locations to toss jigs and spinnerbaits. Fishing for channel catfish continues to be good, especially below Chestertown.

Reports from the Choptank are sparse at best since conditions were so poor during the summer. This river should show improvement with cooler water temperatures and clearer water. The Nanticoke River water temperature was reported to be 66-degrees today and there are plenty of active fish. Shelton Walters called in on his cell phone to report an excellent morning of bass fishing on the Nanticoke. He reported that spinnerbaits in chartreuse and white and buzzbaits were working very well along sunken wood on the ebb tide. He also noted that some of the best fishing was in the creeks where the water was a bit clearer than the river. Shelton also reported that he fished the Pocomoke recently and the fishing was excellent. He went on to say that there were a lot of fish from Snow Hill to Pocomoke. Plastic worms, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits fished along pad lines and cypress stumps are producing a lot of nice fish on an ebb tide.

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