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Green Ridge State Forest in western Maryland.
ANNAPOLIS (March 5, 2012) Ė The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Forest Service is conducting an online public meeting for 30 days to solicit comments on the proposed Sustainable Forest Management Plans for the three western State Forests: Green Ridge, Potomac-Garrett and Savage River.

Public input will help us to ensure that our State Forestís resources are prudently managed for the benefit of all our citizens and the resource itself. The proposed management plans will be available for public viewing and comments beginning March 8, 2012, and running through April 7, 2012.

These management plans identify how work is to be accomplished on the forests over the long term. The work that will be accomplished includes silvicultural operations, maintenance and construction projects and other work to be performed on the forest through the annual work plans.

Each management plan includes information regarding: An Introduction, Resource Assessment, Resource Characterization, Management Guidelines, Forest Management, Water Quality, Ecologically Significant Areas, Wildlife Habitat, Public Use, Monitoring, Annual Work Plans and Operations.

Participants can offer comments for each specific State Forest Sustainable Forest Management Plan. Comments, which are too general or vague, may make it difficult to utilize your concerns and expertise in making modifications to the management plan proposals.

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View the work plans for the following forests: