Guide to Hunting & Trapping in Maryland

Please Report Bobcat and Fisher Sightings

Photo of Bobcat, courtesy of David Westphalen/Painet IncA study is currently underway through the Wildlife and Fisheries Program at Frostburg State University in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The study’s undertaking is to determine the distribution and abundance of bobcats and fishers in Maryland. We would like your help in locating these animals. Please send us your reports of sightings and signs of these two valuable and interesting species.

To report reliable sightings and evidence, please:

Call: 301-687-4016
or Email:

Please tell us:

  • the species (bobcat or fisher)

  • the location - including the county, nearest town, and more detailed information if available

  • the type of sighting (for example: a roadkill, sighting, tracks, or sign)

  • the approximate date any other comments you consider relevant

Photo of Fisher on Log, courtesy of Lori Richardson/PGC PhotoWe do not need information for fishers harvested during the legal trapping season. This information will be collected by the Maryland DNR when your fisher is tagged.

Participants providing information for the study will remain anonymous; however, including a phone number (which is optional) with your message would be helpful if additional information is needed. If you would like a researcher to return your call, please let us know when you leave your message and we will do our best.

Your help with this study is greatly appreciated,

Julia Smith, Zoe Hanley, and Tom Serfass
Bobcat and Fisher Study Research Team

Photo of Bobcat, courtesy of David Westphalen/Painet Inc.
Photo of Fisher on Log, courtesy of Lori Richardson/PGC Photo